Our History, Mission and Officers

A Bit of WBA History Meet our Leadership and Officers

The Whiting Business Association started taking shape in the Summer of 2011 when a few of the local business owners got together as an informal group to form ideas about how to support and give back to the community in ways that would promote customer loyalty, attract new customers, and at the same time energize their own businesses.

After some discussion, they unified on a key idea that drives the WBA until this day. They agreed that beyond the traditional means of providing high quality products, personalized service and value to customers, one of the best ways to grow a business in a Village such as Whiting would be to take an active and visible role supporting residents in need, the community and its many volunteer services and charities.

Over the past 5 years this idea has evolved into a series of well publicized community and charitable events demonstrating our desire to give back to the Village. These events sponsored by the WBA bring people together and entertain them, while raising money for many well-deserving charities and causes.

In 2013, the WBA became recognized as non-profit association in the State of New Jersey, and classified as a non-profit association pursuant to Section 503(c) of the Internal Revenue Code. We developed By-Laws and elected our first Board of Trustees.

In 2016 our organization has expanded to nearly 40 local business and service members, and we expect to be continually growing our membership and expanding our programs for the Whiting Community in the years ahead.

Our Mission and Values 

The Mission Statement and philosophy of the WBA is clear. Our Mission is to energize and grow our Members' businesses while nurturing and giving back to the residents and service organizations of the community for their support and patronage.

We believe that when businesses support the residents and volunteer organizations and in turn, the residents support local businesses, the results will make for a stronger and healthier community, and a more enjoyable and better place to live.


Meet our Leadership and 2017 Officers  


WBA President
Michael McCullough - Crossroads Realty & Renew My Real Estate LLC

I'm thrilled to have been selected as President of the WBA in 2016. I am especially looking forward to leading the growth of the WBA's Membership and to expanding our events and programs that benefit the worthy service organizations in the Whiting Community.

WBA VP & Membership Chairman
Jonathan Wolf - Rayjon Energy

It's been tremendously rewarding and enormous fun to have been working with the WBA for 3 years now. After I moved to Whiting in June of 2012, I wanted to help my business by getting involved in the community. What better way than with the WBA team and through our great programs and events! Join us!

WBA Treasurer
Donna Gould - Investors Bank

I've been a "Member" of the WBA since its very inception. I've seen us grow our membership and expand our activities and events in support of the community in so many ways. It's been an honor and pleasure to work with a group of people that care and give back in so many ways to our community, and have fun doing it.


WBA Secretary
Ellen Ciecwisz - ProForma Anchor

I am so happy I joined the WBA and that I am able to contribute to their co-op advertising progams and their events. My participation has not only helped my business, but it has also given me a sense of purpose and wellness because of what we bring to the community.

WBA Legal Counsel
Lynnette E. Brennan, Esq.

As a highly qualified legal expert in elder law, estate administration and estate planning needs, I am also happy to have been an advisor in the legal organization and incorporation of the WBA, and in support of its many causes and activities. I certainly hope to continue in this role.

WBA Trustee at Large
Julian Ayala - Stellar Theatre Group

I founded our Non-profit Stellar Theatre Group to bring the magic of theatrical arts to Manchester and Ocean County. It's been both personally rewarding and enormous fun to have been working with the WBA the past 4 years and exposing live theater to our Community.


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